Gareth E. Jones Art 

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That is Not a Wizard Aesop Rock & Blockhead

True crime, fantasy, action/adventure, game show
It's all sci-fi, I'm all Play-Doh
I like data that turn brains to egg yolk
It turn royals to regular John or Jane Does
I hate praising net worth over legwork
I hate ceding all power to the extroverts
I find the current social architecture hell on earth
We make shepherds and shadow 'em to the netherworld
I move reticent, never really an open book
I'm gone fishin' at the risk of being overlooked
I know you love it when the novas open cobra hoods
A little show to get the focus off the cloven foot
Behind the curtain the Merlin is all jellyfish
I get to beckon the wrecking ball to your Lego brick
I wish you nothing but the gentle kiss of yellow piss
I give you nothing but the number for my exorcist